Pepsi camp Vs Coca-Cola camp on BT Rank

Pepsi reverses a global trend in India, beating its main rival Coca-Cola in market share. In terms of Brand Trust too, Pepsi at rank 36 is at 160% higher than its closest cola competitor, Coca-Cola at 60th rank.

However the Coke camp has 5 brands among the top 300, as compared to the Pepsi-camp which is only represented by 3 brands among the 300 Most Trusted Brands of India. Colas naturally have fans for taste and thirst-quenching properties, but apart from these the Composite Attributes of Shared Interests and Empathy also contribute significantly in this category(interestingly, the colas too seem to recognize this instinctively because a web search of these brands along with “Empathy” throws up direct initiatives that both the cola brands have initiated or funded).

The average of the Brand Trust Indices of all Pepsi camp brands(including Mirinda and Slice), is also higher than that of the Coke camp(including Limca, Fanta, Thums-Up and Sprite) by about 180%, almost mimicking the camps’ own Brand Trust.


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