BTR Top Ten- Study of Composites

The 61 primary components of Brand Trust are clubbed into 10 Composite components to make for easier interpretation and application. In the graph above top 10 brands are compared against the Composite components contributing to Brand Trust.

While a majority of the Composite components of the top 10 stay close to the average, there are significant breakouts for some Composites’ lines. Perhaps the most significant is LIC, since it has two peaks(Non- Threatening Ambiance and Display of Sincerity) counter-balanced by two troughs(Enthusiasm and Outward Appearance). Another brand which has a few breaks-outs on the upper side is TATA(above average rating for Corporate Altruism, Display os Sincerity and Accepting Responsibility) and its lower side ratings. though not too significantly, come from 3 Composites showing the need for better Shared Interests, Enthusiasm, and improvement of Outward Appearance.

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