People India Trusts

The high visibility and recall of personalities should make them more amenable to being named in such open-ended ‘brand’ studies. However, since this study ensures removal of all ‘noise’ (like popularity and visibility) only three genuinely trusted personalities make it to the 300 Most Trusted Brands list.

When looking at this category through the lens of primary trust attributes, the one thing that is visibly common in all three personalities is their high Corporate Altruism. The passion for excellence of each of these ‘brands’ (and we must call them that) can be understood better by studying their high scoring Composites – Competence and Sincerity.

Sachin Tendulkar, the legend of cricket, the highest scorer of runs, and the only man to achieve 50 Test 100s, scored the highest among personalities and stood at Brand Trust rank 59. His unquestionable consistency on the field and his strong values which have been often tested and proved, have made him symbolic of what may be termed as appropriate behavior.

Mahatma Gandhi, an icon of values, chose to live steadfastly by each value he advocated and is an inspiration for many millions, including many global leaders; his entry in the Brand Trust top 300 list, provides ample learning for other brands. He was a ‘brand’ in the truest sense, and his lasting values still resonate strongly with modern India.

Aamir Khan, ranking 242 on Brand Trust list, is a talented actor, director, and producer with 7 of his 9 movies becoming major hits during the last decade. His passion for excellence is legendary as is his ability to repeat his successes. His presence in a movie makes it a ‘must-watch’ for its immense entertainment value. His behavioral aberrance that includes displaying a stoic press silence (on all matters other than his movie promotions) and his shunning of awards has been his visible value-related hallmark.

For personalities, it is easy to both gain and lose Brand Trust – irrespective of whether they are from corporate, sports, acting or politics. However, if it is garnered in the right manner, and maintained with diligence, the Brand Trust on Personalities lasts generations, with the impressions enduring over time.




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