The connection you ‘Trust’

At 687 million mobile connections as of September 2010, India has the fastest growing telecommunications industry in the world, and mobile networks are available even in the remotest parts of the country. Under the watchful eye of the regulatory agency TRAI, the reducing costs of mobile services and handsets have made mobile phones universally essential. With 11 telecom service brands among 19 services brands in top 300, phones become an important sub-category brand.
When you consider only the mobile phone services category, its trust is the third highest among all categories, showing the high importance of mobile services in the everyday lives of Indians.
Three mobile operator brands, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, feature among the 50 Most Trusted Brand in India. While other service providers are multiple location, Loop’s inclusion at All India Brand Trust rank 62nd is significant, considering that its service is only limited to Mumbai.

With all service providers giving ‘above good’ service quality (with the rare transgression), the only motivation for a customer to continue with a service provider is probably a negative incentive (the pain of going through a change of number if the service provider is changed). With the inevitability of Mobile Number Portability, the only factor (apart from service) that will play any role in customers continuing with the service provider is bound to be Brand Trust. Not brand recall, not brand value – but Brand Trust.

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