Making the right call

Ask any person about the three most essential things in his or her life today, and a mobile phone brand name is most likely to come up. Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of modern life.  At the most basic level, these phones are devices to communicate, but there are many who can lead an exciting life with no other device but a mobile phone. The mobile phone has become a single device for communication, information, entertainment, personal assistant, clock/alarm, and even as a payment medium.

Having said the above, can there be any doubt as to where this essential gadget of modern times will feature in Category Trust Rank?

Mobile Phones as a category are ranked second among all categories. Nokia, the most trusted Brand of India, leads the other 8 in the category by a very significant margin, and also lends weight to the category overall.

Each mobile phone brand is unique and different in its features, and learning curves for different phone brands are high. Accordingly, the user’s comfort or ‘stickiness’ with a mobile phone brand is also correspondingly high, and therefore results in high resistance to change in phone brands. A comparison with the Brand Trust Composites will show overlaps for this category with two main aspects, Outward Appearance and Shared Interests, and noticeably, the successful brands typically communicate using these platforms.

Now, take into account some facts.  Firstly, 130 million mobile phones sold just in 2009. Add to this, the newly added mobile subscriber base each year, and the 18 month obsolescence of phones, and the total will add up to more than a few phones.

With growth comes some collateral damage. With an increasing number of phones being discarded as m-waste, and the growing concerns of environmental sustainability, one more important composite will significantly impact this category’s Brand Trust in the very near future. The mobile phone brands that take their Corporate Altruism seriously, especially with specific relevance to the impact of m-waste on the environment, will stand to gain the most Brand Trust.


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