The connection between Brand Trust & Buying Propensity

The brands which were disposed in buying propensity were LIC, SBI, Hero Honda and Colgate

Among many things, propensity to buy is highly dependent on two things, Brand Trust and Brand Recall. One without the other is insufficient for the act of buying to happen. We analyzed 20 Most Trusted Brands and added to this their recall frequency (unassisted recall), the total of which we’ve named Buying Propensity.

Buying is an act that subsumes the sum total of all the experiences, perceptions and prejudices, and calls for a firm commitment from the buyer. Provided the buying desire has been accounted for, Buying Propensity is the reasons a brand will be chosen over the other.

One odd outcome that became visible on comparing the top 20 brands was that after Titan at the 9th rank, all the brands ranked from 10 to 20 had a similar Buying Propensity and it was much higher than what their Brand Trust alone might have supported. In this group, the brands which were displaced in Buying Propensity were LIC, SBI, Hero Honda and Colgate. For both, a higher or lower comparatively recall was responsible.

Some of the brands whose recall is far higher as compared to their trust include Airtel, Titan, Bajaj, Reebok, ICICI, Vodafone, Colgate, Bata and Haier.


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