Comparison between the Salary Level and Brand Trust

For Bajaj, the salary bracket of monthly earnings of INR 30,000 (USD 667) to INR 35,000 (USD 778) shows a dip in Brand Trust


Every person with a marketing budget has at least once questioned if salary group classifications work  – is there any variation in the way different salary levels react to brands? To the suprise of most, the answer will be a resounding “No” considering the 10 brands shown in the graph.

Across salary brackets, respondents behave exactly the same way in case of 5 brands, namely Haier, Raymond, Bata, Colgate, and Vodafone. For Bajaj, only one salary bracket[monthly earnings of INR 30,000(USD 667) to INR 35000(USD 778) shows a little dip in Brand Trust. The most variation in behavior across salary levels is seen for the two banks, ICICI(which has the maximum variations) followed by SBI.

Some of the other general anomalies are:

  • SBI, a staid brand if it may be called that, has a high Brand Trust Index among the younger and vibrant of 18 to 25 year olds.
  • Among the 10 most Trusted brands, LIC and Titan have a significantly higher Brand Trust among females than males.
  • People in the age group 46 to 50 have the greatest Brand Trust for Bajaj, whereas the same group has the lowest Brand Trust for Hero Honda.
  • The Brand Trust for Raymond and Colgate is constant across income groups and virtually has no variation across salary levels.
  • The Brand Trust for ICICI has almost no variation across age-groups.

Our expectations and perceptions both guide and misguide our actions. What we take to be fixed and absolute, is often dynamic and transient. In everything we do, the more often we stop to relook our assumptions, the better the chances are for our success.


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