Nokia and Tata are India’s Most Trusted Brands, LG usurps third Among personalities, Anna Hazare leads Sachin, Salman and Amitabh in Trust

Mumbai, India, 16th January 2012: India has chosen – the much anticipated results of India’s Most Trusted Brands are out. Nokia and Tata have retained their first and second positions from last year as India’s top two Trusted Brands this year. Sony, the Japanese electronics leader, slipped to fifth position this year, outranked by the two aggressive Korean Chaebols, LG at 3rd position and Samsung at 4th position. Maruti Suzuki improves its position of last year by one notch and is India’s 6th Most Trusted Brand this year. Bajaj ranked 7th is a new entrant in this year’s top ten (last year it was ranked 12th); LIC and Airtel positions are unchanged from last year at 8th and 9th rank respectively. Reliance slips to 10th Most Trusted Brand this year (from sixth last year).

The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2012 (BTR 2012), lists India’s 1000 Most Trusted Brands and was launched in the city today. The report, the result of a comprehensive primary research conducted on 61-components of trust – a proprietary tool of Trust Research Advisory. The research is conducted with 2718 ‘influencer’ respondents from 15 cities, generating more than 2 million data points from 12000 hours of research.

Among 22 personalities listed among in BTR 2012, Anna Hazare has surged gaining the nation’s trust ahead of Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan who feature in that order. Most Trusted leaders in some other categories are Armani in Branded Fashion, DLF in Construction, NIIT in Education, ONGC in Energy, PVR in Entertainment, Pepsi in F&B, Dabur in Healthcare, Taj Hotels in Hospitality, Google in Internet, ACC in Manufacturing, Thomas Cook in Services, Being Human in Social Sector, Hewlett Packard in Technology, and Air India in Airlines.

Mr. N. Chandramouli, CEO of Trust Research Advisory, elaborated on Brand Trust™ as the soul of the engagement and said, “In life, without trust, there is nothing. Each time a human engages with anything, the basis for all decisions is trust. Be it brands, other humans, or just ideas, one will react to them on the basis of the trust it generates. Last year was tumultuous for several brands, but those which focused on trust, have gained market-share, revenues and profits. On the other hand, the brands which have focused only on the latter, have invariably lost both. Focus on building trust and all else will follow automatically”.

Anand Mahindra, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra, elaborates on Trust is Everything concept for the Mahindra brand, in the report, “No great secret lies behind the highly-trusted Mahindra brand. Consistent delivery against every promise is the single biggest driver of trust for our brand. Apart from this, factors like high quality products and services, adherence to highest standards of corporate governance, the very high integrity of the leaders who run the company and adherence to a set of values in conducting business have helped the Mahindra brand earn the trust of all its stakeholders.”

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