TRA initiates India’s largest study on Most Trusted Educational Institutes

Mumbai, 16th December, 2013.  TRA (formerly known as Trust Research Advisory), India’s leading actionable insights company is launching the largest study on India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutes. The study, the largest ever PAPI (Paper And Pencil Interview) for educational institutes will be conducted among 8000 respondents in 40 cities. TRA will conduct this survey on its proprietary Trust Matrix comprising of 61 brand intangibles which will help give a trust score to the institutes revealed in the survey. TRA, the publisher of The Brand Trust Report and India’s Most Attractive Brands will conduct the study between December 2013 and February 2014.

 Announcing the launch of the fieldwork for the study, N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA, said, “In life, education is one of the most important investments that one makes. Often, this important decision is made on the basis of insufficient knowledge. India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutes will eliminate such biases and play an important role in the education decision cycle.”

 The education industry in India is poised to grow to US$ 90-95 billion and provides a wide variety of choices of professions to the student. However, this variety also brings with it the risk of ending up in a wrong institute, or worse still, in the wrong profession. “Most choices of educational institutes are made merely on the basis of academic performance of results without any focus on the important intangibles, like caring, competence etcetra, of each institute. This study will give a new basis for comparison of institutes”, added Chandramouli.

About TRA

TRA, a Comniscient Group company, is an actionable insights and brand intelligence company dedicated to understanding and analyzing stakeholder behavior through two globally acclaimed, proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness. TRA provides Competitive Intelligence Reports mined from its 11 million data-points on brand intangibles of 19000 brands, and also undertakes custom-made studies for brands. TRA is the publisher of The Brand Trust Report and India’s Most Attractive Brands.

 For further information, please contact
 Sachin Bhosle -9820464688 Email:

 Pritam Shah    -9870560866 Email:


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