South India’s Most Trusted brand is Samsung, followed by Sony at 2nd South shows trust preference for Philips, Puma, Santoor and Panasonic

Chennai, India, 30th January 2014:India’s much anticipated and most rigorous brand evaluation, The Brand Trust Report, India Study, a comparison of the trust held in brands, has been released for 2014. Samsung leads South India and All-India as the Most Trusted brand, followed by Sony, which secures 2nd rank in both groups as well. Nokia ranks 3rd in South, up from fifth place All-India, and Hero is South India’s 4th Most Trusted brand, gaining three places from its All-India rank. LG secures South India’s 5th position, down one place from its All India rank. Philips is ranked 6th, bettering its national position by six ranks in the South, and ranked 7th is Hewlett Packard, losing one rank from its All-India place. Tata slips five ranks in the South to take the 8th Most Trusted Southern brand and Puma, gains twenty-two places from its All-India ranks to secure 9th rank. Lux is the 10th Most Trusted Southern brand, improving its national rank by three places.

The Brand Trust Report, the fourth in its series, is the result of a comprehensive primary research conducted on the proprietary 61-Attribute Trust Matrix of TRA (formerly known as Trust Research Advisory). This year’s study involved 15000 hours of fieldwork covering 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 cities in India and generated 5 million datapoints and 20000 unique brands from which the top 1200 brands have been listed in this year’s report. These brands have been classified into 284 different categories as against 213 categories in 2013. The South zone cities include Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and Coimbatore, covering 25.3% of all the respondents.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA, said on the occasion of the report’s launch, “South India’s preferences have always been distinct and do not tow the All-India line. While a comparison of the top 25 in the zone shows small differences, these differences become stark as we study the entire group of 500 brands.”

The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2014, lists each zone’s 500 Most Trusted brands. The ten top gainers out of the 321 brands which gained ranks in the South Zone as compared to their All-India ranks are, Birla Plus (694 ranks), Airwick (675 ranks), Ayur(662 ranks), Duracell (660 ranks), Morissons(646 ranks), Birla Corp (629 ranks), GRB (629 ranks), Yxtel(628 ranks), Lion Dates (625 ranks) and Envy 1000 (615 ranks).

The ten biggest rank losers out of the 176 brands which fell in ranks against their All-India ranks are Kotak Mahindra Bank (-312 ranks), Haldiram’s(-301 ranks), Dabur Real (-279 ranks), Hyundai Santro(-279 ranks), Rupa (-274 ranks), Mircosoft (-273 ranks), Siyaram’s (-272 ranks), Lijjat Papad(-263 ranks), Tata Motors (-263 ranks) and Kent (-245 ranks).

“Out of the five hundred brands listed, 321 gained South as compared to the national list with an average gain of 186.8 ranks per brand, and 176 brands were net rank losers, losing 81.7 ranks per brand. On a whole, more brands gained trust ranks in the South than lost as compared to the national averaged”, Chandramouli added.

About Trust Research Advisory:

Trust Research Advisory (TRA), a part of the Comniscient Group, is a company dedicated to understanding and simplifying concepts related to Trust. TRA was conceived in 2008 to decipher, analyze and measure Brand Trust, to make it universally understood and easily applied. Apart from The Brand Trust Report, TRA also publishes India’s Most Attractive Brands, a study based on TRA’s proprietary Attractiveness Quotient Matrix. Committed to create metrics for better resource allocation for brands, TRA owns the global copyrights to Brand Trust and Attractiveness Quotient Matrices.


About The Brand Trust Report, India Study – 2014:

The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2014 (ISBN:978-81-920823-6-3), the fourth in the series, is the result of a primary research based on the proprietary 61-component Trust Matrix. This year’s research was conducted among 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 cities, and generated nearly 5 million datapoints and 20000 brands, making it the most intensive study on Brand Trust across the globe.


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