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Tata Nano is India’s Most Trusted Automobile: Brand Trust Report

India. 17th February 2014. Taking the automobile industry by storm, the upstart hatchback, Tata Nano, tops the category by becoming India’s Most Trusted Automobile, as revealed by The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2014. Tata Nano makes a notable rise of 50 ranks over last year increasing its overall Trust Index as well and maintains its first rank in the category the second year in a row. TRA, a Comniscient Group Company, is the publisher of The Brand Trust Report, India Study – 2014 and lists 1200 brands from 284 categories.

N. Chandramouli, Chief Executive Officer, TRA said, “In the Car- hatchback category, Tata Nano, and among Sedans, Honda City, both continue their winning ranks of 2013. The latter is followed by Mitsubishi Lancer a new entrant in the category and Maruti Suzuki Swift Desire comes in third in the category. Further, among SUV/MUVs Mahindra Scorpio replaces Tata Safari from last year, rising as the Most Trusted brand.”

Of the twenty six brands listed in the category, 10 brands belong to the Hatch-back category, 7 Sedans and 9 belong to the SUV/ MUV category. Eleven of these brands are new entrants having been listed for the first time in 2014. Of the long list, six auto brands in BTR 2014 come from the stable of the Indian automobile behemoth, Tata Motors.

The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2014 (ISBN:978-81-920823-6-3), the fourth in the series, is the result of a primary research based on the proprietary 61-component Trust Matrix. This year’s research was conducted among 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 cities, and generated nearly 5 million datapoints and 20000 brands, making it the most intensive study on Brand Trust across the globe.

About TRA (formerly Trust Research Advisory)

Trust Research Advisory (TRA), a part of the Comniscient Group, is a company dedicated to understanding and simplifying concepts related to Trust. TRA was conceived in 2008 to decipher, analyze and measure Brand Trust, to make it universally understood and easily applied. Apart from The Brand Trust Report, TRA also publishes India’s Most Attractive Brands, a study based on TRA’s proprietary Attractiveness Quotient Matrix. Committed to create metrics for better resource allocation for brands, TRA owns the global copyrights to Brand Trust and Attractiveness Quotient Matrices.


To view the most trusted brands

All India click on the link | http://www.trustadvisory.info/allindia_2014.html

Category-wise click on the link | http://www.trustadvisory.info/Category%20wise%20listing-2014.html


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Driving around on ‘TRUST’

Speeding at 18% annual growth, the car category is among the fastest growing sectors in India, second only to China. As a micro-sector, Cars have the highest brand density with 14 entries among the top 300 Brand Trust list and 6 car brands among the first 100 itself.

In his book, Spent, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller asserts that purchases, especially visible assets like cars, are displays of personality traits, creativity, and even intelligence – maybe some of the reasons why so many cars feature on the top list.

Maruti Suzuki is the 7th most trusted brand in India. The second on the car list, is BMW, the luxury car manufacturer, ranked 33rd in the All India Brand Trust Index.  In comparison, some other luxury cars like Mercedes Benz and Audi are ranked 81st and 104th respectively.

Brand Trust in Cars, being such symbolic and emotive elements, cannot be just measured in terms of Outward Appearance, their most visible manifestation. Car owners are known to get into heated arguments over these possessions and it shows how much car brands affect the empathetic aspects, and therefore become emotionally sensitive topics.

While India grows fast in this segment, it yet has among the lowest global penetration in cars, at only 8.5 cars per thousand.  Sectors like telecom have benefitted immensely by leapfrogging technologies, and in the car segment too, India is likely to benefit by adopting progressively better technologies developed globally.  Despite this, the long-term impacts of growth like pollution, high fuel consumption and the challenge of recycling waste will remain major concerns. To maintain the high aspiration for cars and make them an object of high Brand Trust, the industry and the individual car-makers must take significant and concrete steps at this juncture through the mechanism of Corporate Altruism.

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