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Innovative ways to Showcase Power of Licensing

While most measure a brand in terms of market share, brand value, growth – the more important invisible and intangible components of brand behaviour are often lost to measurement. TRA (formerly Trust Research Advisory) with the help of the Brand Trust Report aim to look at these elements holistically and creates a singular metric in each case, that can measure the intangible and tangible attributes or traits of a brand in one unit. To feature in the report is a matter of great pride for any brand and to display this achievement TRA licenses its symbols so that the brands can carry the mark of their achievement with great pride. Licensing is an integral business development tool that provides brand with a competitive advantage. It helps the brand leverage its self in its marketing communication with a stamp of surety and confidence.

Several leading brands have used the reports and its extensions to enhance their brand’s scope and communication processes. Few have been listed here:

The trust of an Indian consumer in a Korean product is a representative of the quality and prolonged positive brand experience.

LG decides to thank their consumers for the trust they have shown in the brand over the years

LG decides to thank their consumers for the trust they have shown in the brand over the years

LG India’s Pinned Tweet

And some made their trusted image, the face of facebook among thousands of loyal consumers

Dell’s Facebook post have more than 11000 likes

In addition to this Dell has made an active campaign to ensure that this great news reaches each and every one of their stakeholders by proudly displaying notices with in thier offices as well as retail outlets.

Dell in office   Dell banglore

In addition to that to boost their communication in brochures and print ads brands Kent, Big FM, IDBI, Dainik Bhaskar among several others use the licensing symbol in their communication


Picture1 Picture2

When people’s car got the people’s trust, they went on to showcase this achievement across several online social platforms. Cheers to Tata Nano!

tata nano post

Tata Nano Most Trusted 3 year in a row

While brands chose to celebrate their awesomeness on social media, NDTV – the Most Trusted Media brand in India went on to display their trusted image through people who are representatives of the brand.ndtv sonia tweet

In the quest of trust, certain brands are dependent on the trusted relationships that consumers share among themselves. For such brands, trust is imperative since they thrive in the market only if a desired result of a transaction is achieved with complete satisfaction and not just through high quality communication.

Bharat Matrimony tweet

Top brands in India have always enjoyed people’s trust. Their legacy in the Indian market helps the brand inherit the trust of the parent brand. In case of Tata Nano, the parent went on to uplift their brand image through the people’s trust that was held by the child. This was a reverse case of inherited trust. What a moment of Joy!!!tata group tweet

The expression of Trust is critical if you know that brand resides in the subconscious of your customer. As certain commodities in the market are dependent on trusted transactions, something like a credit card needs to tell its holders that their money is safe and in trusted hands.

American Express post

Ranked as Most Trusted Credit card in India

It doesn’t get better when the news is that the 2nd Most Trusted Brand in the industry is not a direct competitor but a worldwide giant and you hear it resonate with your Indian loyalists.


So some competition is always healthy and a review from a third party industry critic amounts to loads of trust coming your way. This is your opportunity to resemble or rather position yourself as a brand as good as an internal giant who will someday be your direct competition.



Interestingly Brand India Infoline has chosen to showcase the licensing symbol on their webpage in an innovative banner.

iifl copy

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has spread the word through their extensive network on LinkedIn


Top 1000 Most Trusted Brands – All India Listings: http://www.trustadvisory.info/allindia_2015.htm

Top 1000 Most Trusted Brands – Category-wise Listings: http://www.trustadvisory.info/Category%20wise%20listing-2015.html

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Between the lines

Information has become as necessary as food and clothing, and today’s staple of news has moved from the traditional to multi-channeled and instantaneous sources. Despite this, well established print and TV news continue to grow as major sources of news information.  This is probably because the traditional media are non-intrusive, convenient and habit-forming, making readers and viewers quite glued to them once used to the source.

The role of the ‘skeptic’ media as a true watchdog of society requires that the trust placed in the source is paramount.  But there are only 6 news media brands featured among the top 300 Most Trusted Brands of India (with the most trusted media brand being The Times of India, ranked far down at 151).  Aaj Tak, the Hindi news channel from India Today group, is the second most trusted media with NDTV, DNA and India Today at 3rd, 4th and 5th positions on Brand Trust respectively,

Anandabazar Patrika is the surprise entrant, and with only a regional presence, makes an entry with an All India Brand Trust Rank of 298.

Unfortunately, the Media Category Trust is the lowest among all the categories, which probably indicates that the skepticism has shifted from the media to the audience. More than anything else, the Media category Brand Trust is synonymous with the two of the Composites, Shared Interest and sincerity.  News media success depends on keeping focus on audience interest, but when the media begins to give more value to advertiser interest, trust in media usually falls.  Sincerity of reporting and balanced understanding of the readers/viewers remain strong factors for gaining the audience trust.

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